My First Day


On my first day at Toyota the sales team went above and beyond to make me feel welcome and part of the team. They had my brand new Aygo X-claim waiting for me ready to be revealed, I was extremely grateful for this and cant wait to put my roof down in the summer! I also think it stands me in good stead for the future as I have experienced first hand how we should make a customer feel when they are collecting their new car! On the other hand, my first day wasn’t all that glamorous; one of the first tasks I had to do was de-icing and scraping car windows. Needless to say, Clive kept this one to himself!

For the remainder of the day I visited each department and was introduced to everyone, this was nice for me as it instantly made me feel a lot more comfortable and taught me where I need to go if I ever need anything. It also showed me how everything is linked together and how all departments work together to offer customers the best experience during their time at Toyota.

I spent most time witfirst dayh Sue, the host, who almost acts as the stepping stone between the customer and sales team. Working alongside Sue meant that I got the opportunity to familiarise myself with her role and speak to customers to find out what has brought them to the showroom that day. Some came to browse, some for service and some to buy. Spending time hosting will contribute greatly to my confidence when it comes to selling in the future, meaning I will be more relaxed and therefore I hope so will the customer.



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