Visiting Toyota GB Head Office


On Thursday 18th January, Clive and I arrived at Burgh Heath where we was welcomed with a hot drink and snacks. Paul Craven, the General Manager of the training, did the introduction where he talked about the history of Toyota and explained what we would be doing for the remainder of the day.

Simon, the trainer of the programme, then took over and started things off with a game of true or false, during this activity I found out a few interesting facts, one of them being the Toyota factory in Burnaston produces a new vehicle every 74 seconds, the quickest time this had been achieved was an impressive 66 seconds! Simon then went through the objectives of the programme and showed us a clip about Toyota’s Culture and Heritage, which highlighted the two main principles of Japanese Culture: continuous improvement and hospitality – respect for people.

Laura Butler, a student on placement at the head office, gave us a tour of the building. She walked us through all the different departments and got someone from each department to tell us a little bit about what they do. I was so impressed with the building and look forward to visiting again!



I made Clive stop his car in the middle of the road just so I could get out and take this picture!


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