Meet My Team

Working with a group of boys has its ups and downs; there is always a fun and exciting atmosphere, however the mood tends to die down when I begin to talk about brows and nails. Other than their lack of interest in beauty treatments, they’ve all made me feel really welcome, always happy to help in regards to my training programme and make the job a lot more enjoyable!

Here’s a little bit about them …

Meet Jamie, the man whose music taste is one to be questioned, however, I have to admit he always offers a helping hand.



Meet Joe, he is basically a male version of myself with Harry Style’s hair cut. His dry humour and sarcasm always manages to get the office laughing.


Meet Jake, who likes to have a cheeky sausage roll and thinks the rest of the team wont find out, although with him being my fellow trainee who always has me giggling, I’ll let him off.


Meet Dave, previously known for his career at Greggs, he always manages to somehow remain positive even through stressful times.




Meet Neil, our fleet specialist who is clearly in the wrong profession as he has the voice of a film narrator, although it’s not often I hear it much as he is always so busy.


Meet Nick, he mentions at least 12 times a day he is Cypriot, has great stories to tell of times he managed bars abroad to keep us entertained.


Meet Chris, my sales manager, who still hasn’t grasped that my nickname is Jas and not Jess after a month of me working alongside him! Nevertheless, when he offers Jess a doughnut, she accepts.


Meet Clive, the General Manager, who considered firing me after I referred to him as the ‘wise old turtle’ from Kung Fu Panda (probably not a leaf you want to take out of my book), however, he does always make sure I am constantly on track and supports me with my in centre training.



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