Daily Reflections

Friday 1st June 2018

Now that my portfolio has been assessed and all coursework completed, I can start working towards expanding my knowledge of the cars Toyota offer. I am looking forward to spending next weekend doing an event with my general manager Clive in Holmfirth. We will be doing a pop up shop to provide the public with more information of our range of cars (including hybrid), offer opportunities to arrange appointments and test drives or even simply sending them a brochure. This is a great way of speaking to people who would not usually visit a Toyota showroom and therefore may be something they consider in the future. It is also an opportunity to speak to and maintain relationships with existing customers to see how they are enjoying their car.

Wednesday 14th February 2018

Every Tuesday, Sue the Host, puts two new facts about Toyota on the wall so whilst customers are waiting in the showroom, they have two new facts to read whilst enjoying their hot drink.

This weeks facts are ‘Toyota spends more than $1 million per hour on research and development’ and ‘Toyota and Lexus sell around 100 different models worldwide’


Wednesday 7th February 2018

Today I took part in my second challenge of Play Your Cards Right. Now firstly, let me start with that this was a game of pure luck.  You got a card and you had to say higher or lower, luck was fairly on my side during the rounds but when it came to determine the winner (whoever chose the lower card), my opponent chose 8 of spades, and unfortunately I chose a King . This meant a loss after 3 weeks of winning, I was sad to have let my team down but I think it gives the service team a slight chance of catching up. Only slight.

Tuesday 30th January 2018

As part of my in centre training, it is my responsibility to interview customers during handovers to find out information such as: why did they choose to buy a new vehicle, what factors influenced their decision, what they expect when they walk into the showroom and how they felt on the day of collection. Although there were a lot of similarities in customer feedback, it also highlighted significant differences. The 0% APR was what sealed the deal for one customer, whereas on the other hand, customer experience played a big part for a second customer. This enforced how not every customer is the same and as a sales person, you can’t always take the same approach and you have to adapt to each customer.

Wednesday 17th January 2018

As an incentive for the sales and service teams, Clive has organised a game show Challenge a chance to win money towards a staff night out. Each week we come in half an hour earlier to play a game where there is £100 up for grabs each week. Today was the day I took part in a game of ‘Distraction’, this was where an opponent from each team had to finish famous film lines whilst having shaving foam and cheesy puffs put on their face. Joe played for our team whilst me and Jamie distracted theopposite team. Joe, who obviously spends a lot of his free time watching films, won this week’s challenge for the sales team and got us our first £100!




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