Start Your Impossible

Toyota’s vision is to create mobility and I am delighted to work for a business that considers the future of people’s mobility their responsibility. The immense research and development that Toyota undertake means that both able bodied and disabled customers are equally considered. During my visit at Burgh Heath, I was amazed to hear that Toyota spend in excess of 1 million pounds per hour on R&D.

Here are some of the products Toyota plan to provide .. fbgyieugbfc

One of the ways Toyota demonstrates this is through the sponsorship of the Olympic and Paralympic games which will begin this year all through to 2024.

  • PyeongChang, South Korea – Winter Olympics/Paralympics 2018
  • Tokyo, Japan – Summer Olympics/Paralympics 2020
  • Beijing, China – Winter Olympics/Paralympics 2022
  • Paris, France – Summer Olympics/Paralympics 2024

Toyota have their own Olympic team of Sponsored Athletes, snowboarder Chloe Kim, the newest member of the Toyota Team is the first player to have won two gold medals before the age of 16. I am also now following the roster of athletes on twitter and look forward to finding out more as we approach the games. Best of Luck to Team GB!

To finish off with, I wanted to share a clip that I found quite touching, you may have already seen it advertised on TV but its definitely worth the watch.

Start Your Impossible


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