Digital Journey (C it NOW)

Customers have many touch points along their journey of buying a used car which usually starts online, customers expect more and the videos we upload are a lot more effective than just photos.

Joe Bytheway, from C It Now came in yesterday and showed me how to upload videos of used cars on to Toyota’s website and Autotrader. This is useful for customers enquiring on a used car and want to have a quick look before they come down to the centre. This has been a part of my in centre training and ensuring all used cars are uploaded and updated will be my responsibility going forward.

Here is my first ever attempt …



After reviewing the video with Clive, we came to the conclusion that I shouldn’t consider a career in videography, although with some more practice I’m sure things will improve.

It’s clear to see the wheel trims were damaged on the video but these can be replaced with new ones to be made more attractive in the customers eyes. It is important to us that we try our best to improve and enhance the vehicles we sell to our customers as well as ensuring the vehicles are clean on the inside and out, this includes taking the price out for the video so customers have the best possible view. The price is not necessary as all the information will already be on the website.

There are things that were not evident in real life which were a lot more clearer to see when I looked back at the clip. In future I will try to avoid recording my shadow (any excuse for me to be in the video, even if it is just a shadow). We also have a white wall that can be used as the background to eliminate any distractions. Something to consider is background noise, where I had to restart the clip as an ambulance siren could be heard. It would be useful if the video could be muted or even add some music to it.

Stay tuned for more used car videos!





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  1. Clive Mattimoe says:

    Great work Jasmina. Keep it up!
    Well Done.

    Liked by 1 person

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