Kaizen comes from the Japanese Culture and means Continuous Improvement, at RRG Huddersfield we adopt Kaizen to constantly try improve customer experience.

All staff have the opportunity to be involved, by posting suggestions in the Kaizen box or attending meetings. Suggestions can be anything that they think would be beneficial to the business but majority of ideas are to do with improving customer experience. These ideas are then discussed in the meeting and the Kaizen team try to put every suggestion in action, not all ideas can be followed through due to factors such as cost or time for example, but an explanation will be given to the staff member as to why.

This week I attended my first Kaizen meeting, where all suggestions from the previous meeting were discussed alongside any new ideas! Here is an example of one from the last meeting:

    1. Use Host Board for waiters, if they need to be out of the dealership for a certain time and also for customers who have left the vehicle and are collecting at a specific time. Check the car is ready at least 15 minutes before the customer expects the vehicle to be ready – suggested by Martina & Nicola

This was the outcome:

Checked with hosts and they confirmed that Service phone customers when their vehicle is ready, so they already know before they arrive to collect their car. Service Advisors should also let the Hosts know that they have told the customer that their car is ready.

I think this is a really good suggestion as it is exceeding customer expectation and as a business this is a really good service we should aim to provide!

I made a suggestion that when there is good news that this information is emailed round to all staff to keep everyone in the loop and link the departments together. This could include things such as events going on in the business to things such as pregnancy announcements! My idea isn’t something customer experience related but as someone still fairly new to the business I thought it was a good suggestion to make, for example we have a new manager starting in service on Monday so if everyone knows about this, we can all do our best to make him feel welcome!


We did an activity where we shared ideas on things we were keen to lose, fight to keep and love to have! Rachel added Toyota mugs with emails printed on them to ‘fight to keep’, Paige suggested red blinds to match the logo in something she would ‘love to have’, and we all agreed we are ‘keen to lose’ valet slips!

Thank you to Hayley for inviting me along to the meeting and I hope to attend many more in the near future!


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