I was fortunate enough to get a visit from Mark Hipwell from Toyota GB, he showed me how customers at home can go on to the Toyota website and configure a car, adding all desired features, accessories, colour etc. They then receive a code and can bring this into their local Toyota Centre, where the sales person can pop this code into our Salesman app and the exact same car the customer designed at home appears. We then can mirror this on the big TV screen. By doing so, it enables better interaction between the customer and Toyota Centre.

sdvsdvHere is an example of one I did of a C-HR. My code: HkoJCGeYF can also be added to Apple Wallet (for iPhone owners) so it is also stored on your mobile.

Mark presented some statistics to me in a study of automotive shopping trends (figures correct to Nov 17)

  • 74% of car buyers used the internet
  • 17 hours average researched online
  • 2+ devices used to research the purchase
  • 54% were female
  • 41% were 45+
  • Older does NOT mean digitally incompetent

He also gave me a task to show the rest of the sales team how to mirror the iPad on to the main tv screen, so thanks for that Mark, I will enjoy being able to tell the boys how things are done!




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