Sold My First Car

What an emotional rollercoaster this has been, this blog post has been wrote over a few days, starting from when I sold the car all the way to handing it over.

Friday 23rd March

Today was the day I had been preparing for, I sold my first car – a used Auris T-Spirit Hybrid! I explained to the customers that I was still a trainee and they were very patient with me which made it a lot less nerve-racking. It was an extremely rewarding feeling being able to find the right car for one of our customers, this being their 3rd Toyota from our centre.

One of the main things I learnt is that you need to get to know the customer personally and find out what is important to them, by doing so it allows them to open up and let their guard down. After all, people buy from people! I found out what my customers did as a job, and how one of them broke their wrist being crushed by a bus at work, certainly not a story I will forget!

I wasn’t left alone in the process, I had a lot of support from my general manager Clive Mattimoe and colleague Jamie Arundel. I am extremely grateful for their help and now I have an better idea of the sales process, nevertheless I still have a lot to learn.

Monday 26th March

There is so much that happens behind the scenes when selling a car. Not everything is as simple as just handing the car over. Now I know that we need a sufficient amount of time to make sure it goes through the right process before it gets to the customer such as sales admin, the workshop, repairs and valeting etc. Everyone at the centre has worked together and done as much as they can in their department to get the car ready for the customer.

Tuesday 27th March

I have Dave to thank today for helping me with the handover, he made sure it ran smoothly, quick and efficient. The customers were very excited to see their new car, but we wanted to make sure all jobs were done before we handed it over. I look forward to seeing them again as they were definitely memorable customers!

Overall, it has been a challenging experience but definitely something I can learn from and therefore can only improve.


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  1. Ismet Erdogan says:

    Hi Jasmina

    Congratulation on the sale of your first car.


    Marketing Programmes Team – TGB Head Office

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