Holmfirth Event


This weekend, Clive and I held a pop up shop in the centre of Holmfirth with a few of our hybrid vehicles – Yaris, Auris, C-HR and Rav4. We also had the Aygo there! The weather was perfect for it, encouraged local people as well as tourists to get out into the town. It was also perfect for me as I caught a tan too!

The location was great; right in the centre, a lot of people even mentioned how it was a really good way of making use of the space available. This is definitely a location our centre will consider if we do another event like this – who knows whats next?

Below are a few reasons why we chose to do this event:

1. It was an opportunity for my Centre Principal, Clive, to spend some time with me and mentor me whilst interacting with visitors. I could also see how he engaged with customers and try to reflect his style.

2. It was useful for me to practice my product knowledge on Toyota vehicles as well as explaining Hybrid technology in the way I learnt on my recent Bronze training in Burnaston.

3. We also wanted to create a conquest market. If you can’t bring the customer to the car, bring the car to the customer! It was a perfect way to create interest from customers who may have not have even considered visiting a Toyota dealership before.

Here is a natural photo of me. Not posing. At all.

I noticed that there we a handful of people who came to visit us that were already existing Toyota owners. It was so nice to see that they were just that excited to have their car and wanted to tell us about how much they loved it. There were a mixture of visitors, some just wanted to have a chat about what we were doing, our products and hybrid technology. Some customers only came for a flying visit but still wanted to leave their details to arrange an appointment, test drive or be emailed a brochure.

Over all, I think it was successful event! It’s improved my confidence because it gave me experience outside of a selling environment and hopefully I get to see some familiar faces come into our dealership. I would happily do this event again, and that’s nothing to do with the ice cream shop next door …..





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  1. Clive Mattimoe says:

    Well done Jasmina. You did a great job over the weekend. Your training has definitely improved your confidence and knowledge. Keep up the good work. Clive.

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