Beyond Excellence Award


I am extremely grateful that I have won May’s Beyond Excellence Award, this was completely unexpected! You know that ”I didn’t even know I was nominated” kind of unexpected? vfges

When I first got the email congratulating me for winning I turned round to my sales manager and said ”Chris, have a look at this email, is this real?” He then proceeded to read the email and replied ”Oh yeah, you have to pass on your reward to your sales manager. Completely normal.” I don’t exactly recall reading that part …


Above is the reason I was nominated and I never thought my blog would be recognised as much as it has and it’s such a rewarding feeling. My blog is something I do because I enjoy writing and can reflect on events and as well see what progress I have made over the months. I try to make it as personal as possible so hopefully readers get a sense of realism, whilst still maintaining a professional manner. I haven’t in previous jobs had an opportunity to share my experiences in a way that I have here at Toyota. My managers Chris and Clive encourage and support my blog, they are always making sure that I am progressing in my career and have things to tell the rest of the world about. By the world I mean my followers. The feedback I’ve had makes me even more motivated, and it is clear to see that in this job you are rewarded for the work you put in.

I would like to thank my General Manager, Clive Mattimoe, for nominating me for this award and The Guild team for making me a winner! Congratulations to Tim Roome, Parts Advisor for Helensburgh Toyota for also winning too – his nomination is definitely worth the read and it is well deserved.

I look forward to claiming my prize and spending a night at the spa!


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  1. Mark Hipwell says:

    Congratulation Jasmina, well deserved

    Liked by 1 person

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