Return Of The Jaz

After many interviews, press talks and celebrity appearances from receiving the Beyond Excellence Award, I have decided to focus on selling cars.

I have recently completed my training with RRG at Stockport, I found the sessions very useful as the trainers were able to give us real life examples due to past experience and recordings of real life situations. They gave us a script of how to turn a telephone enquiry into a showroom appointment – I liked this because it was a template to work from but you could put your own twist on things to cater it to your personality. I am currently doing the 90 Day Road To Sale training too and this is beneficial as it keeps me refreshed and as I am gaining more and more experience everyday and therefore can relate and understand the videos even more.

Recently I have been given the responsibility of building up and looking after my own customers. It has been a rewarding feeling being able to pick up a customer from the pitch, taking them through the whole sales process and being able to come to a close. I have a lot of support behind me from managers and colleagues so it gives me confidence when I talk to customers and also reassures the customer. This month I have so far sold a New RAV4 Hybrid and New Aygo, alongside a Used Yaris Hybrid.


Above is a text I received from a customer and it was a really nice end to the week (even if I am working this weekend). But it just goes to show that the smallest gestures do not go unappreciated!



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